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As a future oriented company with twelve productions locations and more than 1000 employees in Europe, Asterion offers solutions for optimizing business processes related to production, processing, administration and distribution of documents. Our broad portfolio of outsourcing services offers appropriate answers to the challenges our customer in the fields of finance, administration, customer communication, document creation, mailroom operations etc. have to overcome. We deliver innovative hybrid-mail solutions for an efficient and successful company communication. In addition we improve and simplify the process chain through processing and digitizing paper-based documents as well as the automated processing of incoming invoices. Our e-invoicing solution for outgoing invoices as a building block of a portfolio crates the conditions to make the invoicing process sustainable and modern. Because of our years of experience and the know-how in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO), we enable our customers to increase their productivity and to secure a long term profitable and sustainable growth. Thus, you may focus on your core business as well as save money through effective and efficient business processes. We offer our services for the integration and optimization of cost and time intensive processes in our own production centers as well as directly at the customer´s location. Cooperative behavior in the marked describes a purpose-oriented cooperation to achieve one or more goals. Entering into a cooperation is hardly indispensable in today´s business world. Because it allows businesses the creation of quality benefits as well as the maintenance of the market position and new opportunities. Where once we fought alone we now aspire cooperation - with the benefits for all involved. ASTERION is gladly part of this paradigm change. Our company joins forces with Neopost,, BeCloud, Bundesdruckerkrei, DATEV und SGH within a business network. In a digitally networked world the need arises especially in our branch to simplify the data transfer without neglecting legal and data protection conformity. Our goal is precisely to promote this development and to facilitate the exchange of transaction documents and data.  With a strategic positioning in Europe we are convinced to contribute to the creation of a transnational information platform for electronic data exchange at the international level. This allows for the electronic invoice exchange to be faster, easier and a lot less error prone. With our know-how and our experience we support the formation of this cross-border network.


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68519 Viernheim

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