More than just e-invoicing

The world is colorful and just as colorful is the bouquet of requirements for an automated process such as document and data exchange. And that's a good thing!

Capabilities in the TRAFFIQX® Network

Electronic Dispatch

All transaction documents
  • intuitive application
  • from any application
  • automatic dispatch in the recipient's desired format (electronically, via e-mail or as conventional letter)
  • delivery via any industry channel
  • without investment
  • without changes to existing systems and workplaces
  • Individual testing and approval processes

Electronic Reception

All common transaction documents
  • Reception of electronic documents
  • Receiving documents via email
  • Paper document processing
  • Individual data format for each document type
  • OCR-supported data acquisition, can be automated
  • Automatic test
  • Company-wide testing and approval processes

Electronic Archiving

Incoming and outgoing documents
  • handover to existing archive solutions, or...
  • optionally integrated long-term archive
  • optional archiving with DATEV Unternehmen online
  • In any case according to the specifications of the GoBD

Testing and Approval Procedures

As simple as with paper, only without paper
  • Examination by individual employees or groups
  • Across subsidiaries and country borders
  • Comments and assignment
  • Managed/unmanaged processes up to booking and archiving
  • pre-account assignment
  • Complete protocol for each document

Automated Data Capturing

For all documents that cannot be booked blindly
  • OCR support
  • self-learning system
  • master data enrichment
  • Normalization and normalization
  • Intuitive web interface

Document and Data Formats

All formats, all channels, worldwide
  • CSV formats
  • XML formats
  • Edifact
  • iDoc
  • XInvoice
  • ebInterface
  • fatturaPA
  • (...)

...via all usual transmission channels

Business Partner Invitation

Simply save costs together
  • fully automatic invitation
  • Invitational campaigns
  • Personal invitation
  • Webinars and Net Meetings

...via all usual transmission channels